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Recognition letters of all courses :

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Sanctioned programmes : B.Ed. – 100 Seats (2 Unit)
       B.A.-B.Ed./B.Sc.-B.Ed. – 100 Seats (2 Unit)

Faculty : View

Name of faculty members who left or joined during the last quarter : View

Names of students admitted during the current session : B.Sc.-B.Ed. I YEAR/ B.Sc.-B.Ed. II YEAR / B.Sc.-B.Ed. III YEAR / B.A.-B.Ed. I YEAR / B.A.-B.Ed. II YEAR / B.A.-B.Ed. III YEAR

Fee charged from students : 26664/- Per Year

Facilities added during the last quarter :

  1. Available for Online Classes
  2. Cultural Activities
  3. Unit Test

Number of books in the library :

  1. Total No. of Books- 4454
  2. Journals – 10
  3. Magazine- 10
  4. Daily News Paper- 6

Information for having fulfilled the norms & standard and other required conditions :

Institute for having fulfilled the Norms and Standard and Condition according National Council for Teacher Education and State Government and As per University Guide line.